We take security very seriously at Boki

At Boki, we only compare money transfer providers that are all strictly regulated, authorised or licensed by FinCen, FCA, HMRC and equivalent international authorities. So you can be rest assured all your funds are safe!

All our partners adhere to GDPR, data protection laws and have their own high level encryption systems at play. We had our security expert verify the security of our partners and they were all given a clean bill of health.

Our site is fully encrypted SSL

Boki itself is fully SSL compatible to enjoy added security, always ensure you are on the https version of the website, signified by the https prefix.

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One month in

In Just over a month we have helped you guys save over *£4000* in fees and rates, when sending money abroad, to be honest we have been absolutely blown away with that figure, but there is a lot more to do.

Introducing Boki

Boki in itself does not provide a money transfer service we just ensure you get the best, think of us like the skyscanner for money transfers...

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